Batman # 1 Sells for $2.22 Million at Heritage Auctions Which Breaks Caped Crusader’s World Record!

On the 14th of January at Heritage Auctions in Dallas Texas, a record for the Caped Crusader was smashed into the next multiverse! This 1940 Batman #1 comic was given the highest known grade in existence form CGC - Certified Guaranty Company.

It was graded at a whooping 9.4!!! Which is absolutely incredible for a comic of it's age, and clearly made it's mark in auction and comic history. It Sold for $2.2 million dollars (US) last Thursday at Heritage Auctions. This make it the highest selling comic book at Heritage Auctions.

The Previous highest selling Batman Comic was Detective Comics #27 1939 which sold for $1.5 million.

The issue, the sole copy ever to receive a 9.4 grade from the Certified Guaranty Company, was already a record-setter before the auction even began due it's high grade!

So far the highest ever paid comic book record still belongs to the Man of Steel, Superman in Action Comics #1 in 1938. That comic sold for $3.2 million dollars (US) back in 2014.

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