Probably the most consided grail in the comic collecting world, Action Comics #1 1938 just broke its own world record with a high grade score by CGC in a private sale.

Action Comics #1, cover dated June 1938, featured the first appearance and debut story of Superman. The new superhero, created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

This has always been consided the birthplace of superheroes and the creation of the comic culture. The previous world record was set at $3.2 million (US). The most recent sale of this high grade CGC beat it at stagering $3.25 million (US) thats $4.2 million to us here in Austraila.

In one of our previous blogs, another record was smashed in the comic industry which was Batman #1. (To find out more head over into our blog list) This is extremly interesting as lately it has been Marvel comics from the Silver Age period climbing up the growing value ladder.

Would you like us to create a growing value list of Sliver Age Marvel Comics? Let us know!