Marvel Studios moving to Sydney Australia Confirmed!

With the current cilmate living in a world with covid19, a lot of future productions have ceased due to health concerns and covid19 restriction conditions. We have been extremely blessed with our country being in such a great situation with covid cases and our ability to keep it under control.

This has clearly caught the eye of Disney big wigs sparking rumours Marvel Studios would be coming to Sydney Australia. This has now been confirmed as the new base of operations.

A source leaked confidential information Marvel would be packing up its studio in the US and making the move downunder to Moore Park for "the foreseeable future". It is predicted this could be for the next 5 to 7 years.

The Studio will mostly be setting up shop for special effects and green screen technology for the Marvel films. Currently, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Taika Waititi and a plethora of other stars from the Marvel series are in Sydney filming Thor: Love and Thunder.

Marvel has assessed the Covid climate in Australia and have come to the conclusion that with current status of the country and restrictions with covid, it is a wise and safe choice to move the base of operations to this location.

This is great news for our country and will hopefully bring more wonderful Marvel goodness to our shores. For example, if bigger conventions were to switch back on to a soild platform, we could get some amazing guest speakers. So if you're living in Sydney, you might be able to spot Thor or the Scarlet Witch roaming around town.