Catwoman - The History of the Cat

As deadly as she is beautiful, infamous cat-burglar Selena Kyle uses her nine lives to walk the razor's edge between light and darkness in Gotham City.


Selena Kyle first appeared in the comics in June 1940 in Batman #1. She was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Selena Kyle shared her comic debut with the Joker.

Catwoman was inspired by 1930's actress Jean Harlow and was created to help bring a female audience into reading the comics.

Catwoman was also intended to be a romantic interest for Batman but in a conflicting way, sort of a friendly foe. Which really hasn't changed throughout the years of stories.

Fun Facts -

*In the first appearances of Selena Kyle she didn't wear a Catsuit but was a beautiful thief that caught Batman's attention.

*Her first Cat outfit was only a disturbing humanoid cat head before the catsuit.

*Final appearance in the comics was in 1954 Detective Comics #211 and disappeared from the comics for 12 years

*Reason was due the to developing comics code authorities rules for the betrayal of female characters which started in 1954.

*Catwoman returned back to the comics in 1966


So something to always remember about comic book characters is that they will always have retelling of their origin over time with different writers.

We are going with the story origins of Catwoman's secret files in origins issue #1 and her self titled series in 1993.

Selena Kyle had a troubled childhood living in poverty and a broken home. Selena's mother would often be troubled by a drinking husband which lead into a abusive life. Selena would attend gymnastic classes to escape the broken home troubles. One night Selena returns home to find her mother dead in the bathtub. Her father not long followed his wife and drank himself to death due to the guilt he lived with. This lead Selena to find both her parents dead living her alone.

Selena became an orphan and lived on the streets learning to steal to survive. She was picked up by the state one week later and sent to Sea-Gate institution for runaways.

The staff treated Selena terribly and would lead Selena to sneak out at night using her gymnastic skills.

One night Selena learned that the Warden of the institution was stealing money within the company and when she found out Selena knew had arranged to tie her into a bag and threw her off a cliff into the sea. Selena survived only to seek revenge and beat up and restrain the warden but not before stealing her diamond necklace.

Selena escapes to start a new life on her own in a abandon warehouse refining her skills in gymnastics and stealth athletics while looking after stray cats.

She started with jewelry stores but when she became the age of 18 Selena started refining her techniques in a more stealth like manor targeting more people in the criminal world. Becoming more of a Cat Burglar than a thief.

Selena Kyle became fascinated by this Bat Vigilante in Gotham and inspired to create a disguise going off the logic of the Batman, this made her choice obvious.

Catwoman was born!

Catwoman would go on having a love/hate relationship with Batman. Bruce would always try to reform her from her life of crime but Selena could never do so.

This made Batman and Catwoman dynamic amazing to read in the comics. Please head over to our store section if you wish to grab some great reading martial.

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