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2019 Highlights & Recap for Fox and Panda, 2020 here we come!

Hello wonderful people! 2019 has come and gone and same with our events during the year. The Oz Comic Con Sydney show was great to be apart of like always. To all our wonderful customers who came down and bought some amazing products or even if you came down to just say hello, Thank you! Your support means the world to us!

We would also like to thank all our online customers that have supported us throughout this year and previous years as well.

Thank you!

Highlights of 2019.

Customers satisfaction.

Oz Comic Con Sydney show.

Meeting new customers

Gaining more online presence.

Finding vintage collectable comics and being able to save them.

Gaining a new range of stock.

What is install for Fox and Panda in 2020?

So we have been working on some new ideas to grow the business, which we will put into action this year.


launch time still to be announced, but we have moved our home base which means more room to expand and start our podcast for Fox and Panda. This will be about comics, our products, unboxing videos, movie news, movie reviews and everything else we can fit in.

Website expansion:

This will be a major goal for us in 2020 with wanting to add more stock and variety to our store.


You will probably notice soon hopefully more of Fox and Panda online and in other places. We are hoping to grow our online presence more on social media and other platforms.

Thank you again to all our supporters and friends. Without you guys this would not be possible.

Kind regards

Anthony Tomassetti


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