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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will not produce any future Spider-Man movies. This move comes after Disney and Sony were unable to come to a new agreement regarding Spider-man movies.

It was just a few years ago that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios struck a deal to share the character of Spider-Man, so the superhero could enter into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and boost Spider-mans popularity back up after the last failed Spider-man movies featuring Andrew Garfield. Unfortunately, it appears that deal was short-lived, because a dispute between Sony and Disney has resulted in a failure to reach new terms to continue the lucrative partnership that allowed Marvel Studios to have Spider-man in the MCU.

For those who don't know Sony actually own the rights to Spider-man and allowed him to be a part of the MCU due to a deal that was struck between them and Disney, Marvel Studios. The original deal included Disney to make 5 films to bring back Spider-mans popularity back on track and they agreed upon a small percentage of the profits (5% I believe) those movies were: Civil War, Home Coming, Infinity War, Endgame and Far From Home.

After Far From Home the contract was over and Sony and Disney would have to strike up another deal about the Web Heads future. Far From Home grossed over the billion dollar mark and is the only Spider-man movie to do so. With that stats you would think Sony would be happy to continue a healthy relationship with Disney but instead turned down their offer and didn't counter back.

Disney asked to continue making Spider-man movies with the MCU in turn for 50/50 split of profits.

All Sony had to do was literately share the profits and let Marvel make high grossing movies for them with hardly and effort from Sony themselves. Clearly Sony was only thinking about the dollar signs and turned down the offer.

As I am typing this there is rumors that Sony and Disney will come back to negotiations but I'm not too hopeful that there could be a positive outcome, due to Sony's bad track record.

I hope a deal can be struck and Spider-man is able to return to the MCU but as you read this there is currently no contract between the two companies. This is a sad day for Marvel fans.

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