Kotobukiya ARTFX Premier Statues limited stock release to Australia!

Kotobukiya is releasing a very limited run of Marvel statues called the ARTFX Premier. Only 42 of each statue will be released to Australia. We have 6 confirmed to come to our store!!


Beyond Realistic Statues! ARTFX Premier is a high-quality statue line that challenges the limits of product development by capturing characters in the highest possible level of detail. The statues in this line are limited to a select number of pieces worldwide, and each one comes with its own unique collector number.

Here comes the amazing news! We have been able to secure 2 of each of the above Avengers. We have secured Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

They are available to be pre-ordered on our site right now but be quick with such a limited amount released these statues are sure to be sold quicker than Cap can throw his shield!

There is rumors that a Hulk ARTFX Premier statue is to be released as well!!

You can check out all the photos of our ARTFX Premier Statues on our Home page in our Pre-Orders section and order your favorite Avenger! Here are some shots below!

This 1/10 scale statue was crafted down to the finest detail using digital sculpting, giving this expertly crafted collector’s piece an exquisite appearance alongside lifelike detail.

Stands at 25 cm tall 1/10 Scale

Sculpted by Keita Misonou, Thor Odinson stands nearly 12 inches tall (1/10th scale) atop his rocky display. He comes to you in sophisticated packaging overflowing with detail including a marble-inspired background motif as well as an original illustration based on the figure.