The filming of a major new Marvel Studios movie will take place in NSW later this year thanks to a $24 million injection from the Federal Government.

I was informed by my partner in crime Stephanie that news of a new Marvel film to be filmed in Sydney has just been announced I couldn't help myself but find out more!

NSW Government Facebook page had posted this at the beginning of April!

Not only is this amazing for the NSW economy and creating jobs for local Australian film talent in-front and behind the screens but damn! Marvel is coming to Sydney! *insert wow emoji* But really we haven't been one to shy from block busters before its just a lot of filming getting done in Australia is most done at either the Gold Coast in Queensland or Melbourne.

My guess is and this is ONLY A GUESS, possible next Dr Strange movie? That is whatever the outcome from Avengers Endgame may be?

Well film crew workers you heard the news! Go out there and get a job working on the next Marvel film!

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