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Warner Brothers finally did it! Shazam ticked every box, and its about time Dc Cinematic universe lifted their game!

I've always loved both Marvel and Dc Comics since the beginning but when MCU kicked off from 2008 it always felt Warner Bro's were always trying to keep up.

Even tho I thought Man of Steel, Aquaman and Wonder Woman was amazing in their own way, they also had timeline issues (pet hate of mine) and various other faults but hey that's another blog.

Let's focus on Shazam, it hits you right in the heart. It ticks every box with it's humor, plot, special effects, timeline and feelings towards the characters. The best thing of all is that you don't have to watch a single Dc movie in this timeline to understand the plot. It is a stand alone movie and yes sure they make references about Batman and Superman, but nothing that makes you confused or feel out of place with the movie.

I have loved the Shazam story line and was one of the first graphic novels I read when I started the business 5 years ago. Its a warm hearted story which relates to children and adults, boys and girls and basically anyone with a soul haha.

Zachary Levi is simply hilarious and grounded in the film. Zachary is perfect for the role and thinking about anyone else to fill it just feels wrong after watching the movie.

Mark Strong continues to slay the industry with his presence during the film being amazing to watch. A character that is relatable but also cunning.

The boys Asher Angel and Jack Dyan Grazer are a perfect match and bring back memories of childhood silliness.

Being a non spoiler review I don't want to go into the plot and give away anything. All I will say is this...

Get your butt into a theater and watch the damn movie! I give it a 9/10.

Remember always unleash the geek!

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