Firstly let's start with this... If you want to go watch the movie but you are undecided, just go. Reviews should always be taken lightly as it is someones personal opinion. Not everyone see's things the same way but someones opinion should never stop you from watching a film because "They didn't like it" make the decision for yourself.

Just like this is my personal opinion of the film and how I felt about it.

Again this is a NON SPOILER REVIEW!

I had been hearing tones of mixed reviews about the film leading up for me to watch it. This is were I thought to myself "Screw what anyone else thinks because it's up to me to decide if I enjoy it or not" and guess what... I absolutely enjoyed it! I had a great time I laughed, I smiled and I jumped on the feels train when those moments came around.

Sure they're some moments that made me want to re-watch the Avengers movie again, because I felt like there is some timeline error moments but nothing we haven't seen before from the other marvel movies in this cinematic universe anyway. "they are a pet hate of mine but it didn't ruin the film for me".

Carol has to find herself and learns to become the hero that she is! Brie Larson is Strong and funny in her role and like all our other heroes injects the right amount of humor at the right time but also when it's time to fight Brie shows her strength. I thought Brie was awesome in her role as Captain Marvel.

Samuel L Jackson is great like always... If you love Samuel L Jackson films this is no different. Look out for little hidden Samuel L Jackson movie references in the film they're pretty awesome.

There are more people I would like to say that are great in the film but I promised a No Spoiler Review which I am true to my word. As I would probably end up writing something that is a spoiler.

Like I said above look out for a tone of hidden Easter eggs in the film. They took me back to my childhood which I personally loved.

All in all It's a solid movie and one to enjoy. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10! If you are wondering in my opinion how it compares to the other Marvel movies, currently "because Endgame hasn't been shown yet" Captain America the Winter Solider would be my favorite / best Marvel movie which I scored it a 9.5 out of 10.

BUT remember people this is just a review. Go out, watch the film and have a great time! OH don't forget the Popcorn!!!