Why is Marvel/Disney still using Stan Lee's social media accounts after his death? Should this s

On November 12th 2018 we lost the legend Stan Lee. Stan was 95 and had a impact on so many lives including my own. Stan was a great and humble man who showed everyone love and put so much love into his work.

My question is, it is March 2019 and why is Marvel and Disney still using Stan's social media accounts to promote Marvel events and products? I understand that Stan Lee had a extremely huge following but this isn't an excuse for the companies to still use his account after his death to promote products for their company!

Fans have been commenting asking why is the account is still being used? Also voicing their feelings that it is disrespectful to use the name of a deceased person to sell for their company.

I personally believe it is disrespectful to keeping using the accounts to promote the business, imagine a loved one passed on but only to see someone talking on their behalf, like a puppet being pulled with strings to sell and benefit others. Now I understand Disney / Marvel may want to try and keep his memory alive by still using his accounts but I honestly believe there are better ways to go about this.

Do I think they should stop? Yes. Do I think they should shut down his account? No. The Account doesn't have to be deactivated but maybe only used to remember Stan and his legacy on anniversary's and important dates.

What are your thoughts? Should they keep using the account? Do you think they should stop? What are your thoughts in general about the issue?

Comment below and leave us your thoughts and opinions?

Rest in Peace Stan. Thank you for everything.