Rob Liefeld Returns to Marvel Comics with "Major X"

The creator of Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and some of the most storied X-Men comics, now returns Marvel with Ideas of a character that he's had in mind for over 25 years.

Liefeld introduces Major X into the Marvel Universe with his sights set on his first targets... The X-men.

Rob Liefeld goes on stating:

"This has been a very long time coming," says Liefeld. "I did two-and-a-half years on NEW MUTANTS and X-FORCE, and we had a great time, but like anybody you have stories that you didn't get to tell... This is a pretty big one. MAJOR X is a pretty giant undertaking."

"My whole thing was always to throw a pretty big wrench in the works—'the works' being the X-Men Universe," he teases. "Major X arrives from a different plane of existence—which is called the X-Istence, a safe-haven for mutants—and suddenly it's threatened and terrorized. And his home is taken from him.

My personal opinion Major X looks like a cross of Judge Dredd, Deadpool with Tony Stark's arc reactor. But hey I dig it! Rob Liefeld has great talent and I think this will be no different. We are looking forward to stocking the new major when Marvel let us hit the shelves.

Keep an eye out the first issue to drop in the next couple of months.

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