Hey everyone as part of our growth here we want to give you guys the B all and End all of anything relating to the world of comics. And to kick it off we will be doing a new segment called ORIGIN STORIES!

Our first will be an all time favorite of mine The Scarlet Spider.

Above: Scarlet Spider from Spider-man PlayStation game 2018

Okay first things first we will be talking about Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider ONLY in this blog as the Scarlet Spider also had been Kain and Peter Parker.

The Comic series that was the Origin of Ben Reilly was the "Clone Saga" storyline the 1971 Clone Saga. And that's right folks you guessed it! Ben Reilly is a successful clone of Peter Parker. The Clone Saga story is quite a lengthy one with alot in it that was kinda over the top but going back there is actually some key points that lay the foundation for Ben Reilly.

Lets focus on the key parts of the moments that led to this Cloning situation of Peter Parker. This actually goes back to when Gwen Stacy died...

You see back then, the hero always saved the girl. It was unheard of for the hero not to save her, until Gwen Stacy died by the hands of the Goblin but really it was a lose lose scenario as she either fell to her death but when Peter shot the web to catch her the force of the negative G force snapped her neck, killing her instantly.

The Fallout of this lead to us be introduced to a guy called Miles Warren who is the Villain called the Jackal. This guy cloned Gwen just so he could get inside the head of Spider-man. But he also cloned Peter Parker with the help of a scientist called Anthony Serba. It was reveled at the end of the Spider-man Comic #149 that Miles used Anthony to clone Gwen and Peter but not tell him who the DNA was from. Once Anthony found out Miles tried to hush him which in turn lead to his death. This caused a psychotic break in Miles which turned him into the Jackal.

If you are wondering why the hell are you telling me all this my answer is "Just keep reading!"

When Gwen and Peter was cloned they were cloned nearly 99.99% which somehow gained all of the real Peter and Gwen Stacy's memories. This resulted in that the clone of Peter Parker, Ben Reilly thinking he is the real Peter Parker and putting on the Spider suit and going toe to toe with the real spider-man. This was all part of the Jackals plan as it was reveled he was fond of Gwen and blamed Peter for her death. Long story cut short while both Ben and Peter were fighting Jackal sets a bomb and it goes off causing the building to be destroyed and leaving Peter Parker under the impression that the clone was killed in the bomb explosion.

So this is were it leads us the Spider-man issue run "The Spectacular Spider-man #223 which focuses on the life of Ben Reilly. Picking up from the events that ended in Spider-man #149. Peter Parker was under the impression that if anyone saw the body of the clone they would recognize it was Peter Parker and come to understand that Peter is Spider-man sooooo Peter has the body moved to be disposed of but he wasn't really dead and Ben Reilly escapes. This is where we jump to another Spider-man comic run called the lost years which isn't exciting but is the comic that the clone of Peter makes his name to Ben Reilly.

Understand this Ben has all the memories of Peter which means he loves the Parker's, this means Peters Aunt and Uncle and everyone else. During this comic this is were Ben finds himself as a separate being from Peter and takes his first name from Uncle Ben and the maiden name of Aunt May which is Reilly.

Holy crap there you go it's starting to make sense now right?

Lets go to a time of 1990 where Marvel sales aren't going too crash hot and they started to believe that their content was becoming stale. This lead to the decision to bring back Ben Reilly and have him take up the mantle of Spider-man and kill off Peter Parker.

This lead to the 1994 to 1996 run of the Clone Saga having Peter and Ben coming face to face and Peter freaking out that the clone is back, because as Peter remembers it the clone was dead. This starts Peter to think is he the clone and Ben the real one. That was the main plot of the Clone Saga to create that fear that Peter who so called survived was actually the clone all along.

Marvel started focusing on Ben Reilly. Once Peter and Ben sorted out their differences and started working along aside one another this lead to Ben Reilly becoming the Scarlet Spider in the different outfit which is shown below.

This outfit is personally my favorite and looks absolutely bad-ass. The torn blue hoodie and all red body suit is accented with the larger white eyes that makes this suit so incredible.

Being this similar of outfits and of course being the clone of Peter this started during alot of Spider-mans foes towards the Scarlet Spider, one main one being Venom. That's right kids poor Ben gets thrown right in the deep end of the pool when Venom believes the Scarlet Spider is Peter but once confronted with Ben Reilly Venom could sense something was off and realized Ben was a "Fake". Which well kinda pissed off Venom even more and wanted to kill him more now.

Eventually Ben defeats Venom and gives the Scarlet Spider the strength to realize he can do this! He can be a hero...

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen the Origin of the Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly. I really hope you enjoyed this I know there was alot of back story to cover but Ben Reilly has such an awesome backstory we just had to go in depth. Thank you again for tuning in for Fox and Pandas Origin Stories. Watch this space for more comic blogs to come.

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