Thank you 2018! 2019 are you ready?!

Hey everyone! 2018 has been one hell of an action packed year for us here! Thanks to your support our wonderful customers, we have been able to grow and take another step closer to having our dream! Our dream is to have our own retail shop front that can give you guys a place filled with everything pop culture and more!

We had a lot of goals this year and it is safe to say we have hit everyone of them!

The Website.

The first one was a new website with a new platform. This to say was one of the biggest tasks with the shortest time-frame, as we wanted the site to be ready for Oz Comic-con Sydney show 2018. Also add into the factor that I still work full time while running Fox and Panda made this task even more challenging. In the end you are now reading this post on our new site filled with more goodies.

We also wanted to stock more of a range of items and constantly have new items hitting our digital shelves as much as possible. We had more graphic novels as well with new statues arriving for Oz Comic-con and the website.


Another part of stocking new items was venturing out and discovering new and wonderful things to stock. This meant that the store would be shut for a month while we traveled. Japan was a holiday and a experience we will never forget. We explored every where we could and also explored new ideas for items that you guys would love. We will be putting together a video about Japan and tips on where to go and places to try. A huge milestone for us was getting to see the HQ of Kotobukiya and other future company's that we will be supplying from in 2019. Check out below a few sneak peak photos of Japan.

Oz Comic-con Sydney show 2018.

When planning Japan and Oz Comic-con we had this amazing idea to do this back to back. Which in a way was smart and extremely stressful. Besides being Japan ready this also meant we needed to have everything ready for Comic-Con a month before the event itself. There was many nights and weekends spent making sure we were stocked and supplied ready for the Sydney show. Oz Comic-con is a great event that we absolutely love being apart of. The atmosphere is indescribable and a must to experience. Again we were greeted by our returning customers and followers which we love so much! Also having new members join the Fox and Panda Family.

We were so busy that weekend that we didn't get near enough photos as we wanted, but check out some of our favorites of the weekend below!

Prop Projects - Cosplay and Display models

We wanted to go down another path for our customers. We wanted to give something more. I have been playing around with my 3D printer for a while now getting ready for these projects. It is exciting to announce that heading into 2019 we will be designing new props and set pieces from movies and games which will eventually be able to be ordered as is or customized. As some of you already know from our Instagram and Facebook pages, our first project is the Pipboy 3000 from Fallout universe.

Below is our progress shot so far with a tone more work to go...

We are currently still working on this project and in January starting a second! Keep an eye out here and on our pages to see what the next project is!

So what is next?...

2019 we want to be bigger and better than 2018. With more focus on you guys, our customers! Throughout January we will be announcing our new projects but our first major change in 2019 is this...


That's right people, free delivery for Sydney metro and NSW. Keep an eye out for the next post which will contain all the details about the terms and conditions. Our first step for 2019.

On that note, from the bottom of our hearts thank you for a wonderful year and we look forward to unleashing the geek with you all in 2019. Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!!

Best wishes from Anthony & Stephanie.