With Fallout 76 set to be released November 14 this year, excitement levels are beginning to increase as we draw closer to this date.

That's right boys and girls it's almost that time again to break out your vault dweller jumpsuit and load up on all your favourite snacks and drinks, to only play all night and day and come to work more tired than you left.

I myself have loved a lot of the Bethesda games but nothing more then Fallout.To me what really makes Fallout such a great game is the extensive universe that surrounds it to make such great stories and game play.

But enough about my thoughts on the franchise lets go back to Vault 76.

Now from watching some test screenings this Vault seems so far not to have any evil plans towards it's vault dwellers like the other vaults, but hell who knows until you play the game. It looks like you wake up late for the Reclamation Day where everyone is leaving the Vault into the Wasteland. And thus this is where your journey begins.


The Pip boy in Fallout 76 looks more like the Pip boy in Fallout 3 than 4. See the pictures below.

I personally like the Fallout 4 Pip boy better but I do appreciate the retro styling with this model. Still the graphics look absolutely amazing, and can't wait to use the pip boy in the game.

The big deal about this Fallout game is actually the game play... It will be multiplayer!! That's right folks you can group together with your mates or even your partner and kill Death claws as well with whole new load of nuclear bad ass monster creations from Bethesda.

You can also play the game solo which is good if you don't like the idea of multiplayer option.

Another cool feature is that you have the option of photo mode which means you can take awesome selfies of your player during the game or even team shots with your group kill.

It was stated that some of the new monster creations have been based of West Virginia folk law, which is an awesome little touch to the game.

All in all it looks the goods and I'm keen as beans to play this!

Stay tuned as we are planing to do a game review once the game is released.

Also don't forget to look though our site for all our official Fallout products!!

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