SDCC NEWS - San Diego Comic Con International Highlights

Guys it has happened! The holy nerd doors have opened, known as San Diego Comic Con International!

It is that time of the year were all us geeks get excited about all the up and coming Movies, Shows and Comics! We have put together some highlights that stood out to us which we are extremely over the moon to hear about!

Comic News: - Marvel

Inhumans Death of the Inhumans was next in focus with Donny Cates. “Vox is not something you want to play around with…and so far things are going great for him. The Kree created the Inhumans to be soldiers and it didn’t go great for the Kree, but now the Kree home-world has been destroyed and the Kree are desperate to build their empire back. They’ve put out a call to every Inhuman tribe in the galaxy and it’s ‘join or die.'”

Cosmic Ghost Rider

Cates kept going with Cosmic Ghost Rider, “we introduced this character as the right hand of Thanos from the future, he’s a Ghost Rider, he’s also Frank Castle. So this is his solo series. In Thanos Wins Cosmic Ghost Rider dies, so we pick up here with Frank in Valhalla, which Frank isn’t excited about. He didn’t want to be rewarded.”

Cates then teased upcoming characters for Cosmic Ghost Riders, over 30 of them, including an absurd “Juggerduck,” Howard the Duck with the gem of Cyttorak, a version of Rocket wearing armor made out of dead Groot, a grown up Kamala Kahn holding Captain America’s shield, and more.

Comic News: - DC

Geoff Johns took advantage of his SDCC Spotlight panel to reveal a few projects he's working on, including a new Shazam ongoing series and the highly-anticipated "Three Jokers" comic he's been teasing since that famous issue of Justice League back in the New 52 era. A three-issue miniseries titled Batman: Three Jokers is indeed on the way, written by Johns and drawn by frequent collaborator Jason Fabok.

Johns shared during his panel that the Mobius Chair's answer should be taken literally. There are in fact three Jokers running around the DC Universe. Batman: Three Jokers will shed light on the mystery of the Joker and will star Batman, Jason Todd, and Barbara Gordon -- three characters deeply affected by the Clown Prince of Crime.

Movie Trailers:

Warner Brothers stole the show with four outstanding movie trailers to get exicted about! Two to be released at the end of the year and the next two early next year, which to be fair isn't that long of an wait. The movie I look most forward to is Shazam! See all the trailers below.

Shazam! - release April 2019

Aquaman! - release December 21 2018

Godzilla King of the Monsters - release May 2019

Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald - release 16/11/18

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