Venom + Tom Hardy "Thoughts"

I have to admit when I first saw the teaser trailer for the up and coming Venom movie starring Tom Hardy, I was not impressed. Like at all.

They didn't show any sign or even a tease of Venom in the clip, instead we got Tom Hardy shaking violently on a table.

Granted once the second trailer hit the web and was released I had a much more positive attitude towards the film. I personally like Tom as a actor an think starring in the movie is great. Except the fact they are casting him as Eddie Brock.

Let me break this down for you...

Because Sony are not in the best place right now financially. Sony gave rights up for Spider-man to Disney hence why Spider-man is part of that universe now. But Sony didn't give up the rights to Venom.

Now Venom mainly has two human choices, the original Eddie Brock and the other Flash Thompson.

What worries me is the fact the Origin of Venom with Eddie Brock involves Spider-man. Which in this film has a total of zero Spider-man. Long story cut short, Venom and Eddie come together because of their hate for Spider-man.

Going off the second trailer the design and look of Venom is good but not great. A lot of people are saying they could of added a few more details which would really set off the look of Venom. Examples are the Eyes and mouth, If they enlarged the eyes and added more texture to the mouth it would be fanatic not average, which has always been Sony Films biggest issue.

I really hope the plot of the film is written with some backbone and not the usual hero/anti hero story line.

Because without a main origin story to follow this could turn out to become a flop. For Tom and our sake lets pray that isn't the case.

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