Lost in Space Netflix Reboot Review!

Hey everyone!

Today we are going to dive deep into space for a review of this newly added Netflix Original Series, Lost in Space!

Originally the television series made its first appearance back on September 15th 1965 the TV series ran for 3 seasons and had 83 episodes. Now I remember watching some episodes here and there but my Sci-fi bug was more fixated on movies such as Alien and Star Wars. I do remember a lot more of tho is the 1998 movie version starring actors such as Matt Leblanc and Heather Graham. That movie had all it's cheesy 1990's glory in it but hey I'm here to talk about the 2018 reboot not the past.

Below left is the 1998 movie & right the 1965 TV series.

So heads up I really hate articles that give no notice of any spoilers so PLEASE STOP READING NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT ANYTHING RUINED FOR YOU!





Okay now with that out of the way. The Netflix series is quite visually pleasing with set layouts and CGI being not too over the top. With Sci-Fi shows this is sometimes a problem but it looks like budgets were high in the making of this series.

The story actually starts with the crash of the Robinson's Spaceship giving you the chance to know the family straight away and how the story will unfold. The family of five are caught straight on the raw side of the crash not only the fear of the hostel weather conditions but also the fear of the unknown being stranded on an unknown planet.

Unlike the other versions of this story the Robot was part of the Robinson crew, were is this story line Will Robinson finds an alien crash site along with it a robot.

I think this a major part to keeping the series interesting and suspenseful because you will question the robots actions throughout the episodes.

As the episodes go on the story line is revealed as the same backbone of the others. "The Earth is dying and new beginning is happen on another planet," to which the Robinson's are one of the lucky families to be chosen to start a new life on a non dying planet. Tho this series has flashbacks but I feel were not used in the right way.

The flash backs are used to help define the cast and why they are the way they are. I think the cast are strong enough actors to make you understand their ways without needing a flashback to help you understand it.

I believe the flash backs should of been used to help understand what happened to the planet are also why they are in the situation they are in now.

Cast left to right

Toby Stephens - John Robinson

Molly Parker - Maureen Robinson

Parker Posey - Dr Zachary Smith


I believe the first season was the tip of the ice berg that the writers could have done. Now whether that is what was the intention to do so to have you hooked and wanting more?... Well yeah it worked.

All in all I would give this series a solid 8 of 10 as it could of been a bit more in depth about the background of how they got into this mess as I feel this may be left out in the second season.

Fox and Panda rating 8/10