Stranger Things Fan theories that just might be true!

Any show that has taken off like Netflix's Stranger things is surely to have a following big enough to have some fan theories that actually be true or not far from it.

Stranger things season two was release last Halloween in 2017 and warning if you haven't seen anything yet there may be information in this blog that may contain spoilers.


1. Stranger things possible linked to IT?

Okay so hear me out, besides being on the same wave length of a creepy horror film. During season 2 Bob Newby played by actor Sean Astin, talks about a terrifying experience he had as a kid with a Clown called Mr Baldo trying to give him a balloon...

Bob was a kid in the 50's which is when the childhood scenes took place and also Bob reveals his parents are from Maine, which is where IT the Stephen King novel takes place.

2. Hooper's daughter still alive??

We all know that the evil government science department were kidnapping kids and staging their deaths, example Will and Eleven... What if Hooper's daughter was one of them? Even more Eleven actually being Hooper's real daughter?

3. Steve to be Hooper's new police sidekick?

With Steve being the real MPV in season 2 and looking after the main kids. Hooper is going to need someone reliable and trustworthy of everything that goes down with a Eleven and the upside down. Steve is one of my favourites and so is Hooper so this would be so freaking awesome on so many levels.

4. The Upside Down - Past and Future Dimension?

So besides being super freaking creepy and cool at the same time. We still are asking for the meaning behind the Upside Down. One theory which I believe is maybe right, is the theory the upside down is a dimension of the future which the Mind-flare has taken over.

5. Mind-flare has already new spies?

So during season 2 Dustin and Hooper both get sprayed with some sort of gas when they were in the tunnels.

The duffel brothers wouldn't have showed that scene unless it was a key moment for season 3... We all know all the Mind-flare has to do is touch you to get inside you. Thinking along those lines it could be that Dustin or Hooper are already infected?

So there you have it folks those are my top 5 fan theories that makes you want to watch season 1 and 2 again to see if there is anything you missed...

Or maybe you just want to watch them again because the show is awesome, no judgement here.

I hope you enjoyed this article and stay tuned for more blog posts about everything Comic and Pop culture.